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Child Custody Lawyer Jackson, MS

When you need to hire an experienced custody lawyer in Jackson, call the Harrelson Law Firm today. Practicing family lawthroughout Mississippi can require in-depth knowledge not only of state laws in Mississippi, but also Louisiana, Arkansas, and even Texas — if your case involves those states — it also requires intricate knowledge of model and uniform laws that are triggered by the crossing of state lines with minor children when family law litigation is at issue.  Our family lawyers are licensed in Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas, and you can rest assured that you will be hiring an expert in family law to take your problems off your shoulders and are handing them to an expert.

Our firm is led by a child custody lawyer Jackson LA trusts who are known for their aggressive representation and knowledge of the law.  Each case is uniquely tailored depending on the circumstances.  The difference in our firm is that immediately after consulting about your case, we will begin an intense investigation of your particular case in order to prepare a unique strategy for you.  Results matter as much to us and they do to you.

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Child Custody

Perhaps the most intense portion of family law litigation is setting out the parameters for child custody and visitation with the parties’ minor children.  This can require aggressive representation, and it can also require bringing in of medical and psychological experts in the most litigious of cases. Ancillary to these issues are issues of child support, health insurance, and an array of other rules that need to be implemented to ensure that your minor children will be able to make easy transitions during this difficult period.

You should realize that a court is about to make determinations in this case that will affect your life for several years to come.  You have one opportunity to do this the right way, or you could be living with rules you find unfair and distasteful if you don’t present your case the right way to the court.  This means that you should be prepared to formulate a strategy that can include fact witnesses, character witnesses, expert witnesses in the form of therapists, physicians, teachers, and coaches, and you should be prepared to consider the best exhibits and trial illustrations that prove to the court that you are the fit and proper parent to be designated as the parent who determines the residence of your children.  When you consider this, there are few issues more important in your life.

Veteran Litigators – Child Custody Lawyer Jackson, MS

While many custody disputes are resolved prior to trial or even prior to a formal mediation, this is not always the case.  Our lawyers are experienced in presenting custody cases to judges throughout Mississippi.  The most important thing is to receive a fair and just result from the court, and unfortunately, this sometimes requires taking your case to court.  Call a child custody lawyer Jackson, MS trusts today.

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